Great Affiliate Program for Bloggers/Site Owners- Logical Media

7:44 AM Posted by Honey and Lime

If any of you ladies, perhaps gentlemen, are looking to make a little money on the side with your blog or website, check out this simple, yet excellent affiliate program, Logical Media. They are a small company with years of online and offline marketing experience, and have some of the best exclusive offers on the market. Whether you blog about motherhood (ahem), or have a website about gaming, Logical Media has something for you.

I like Logical Media because of its simplicity and ease of use. I don't have a lot of extra time to try to figure out a bunch of different programs or products to promote. I am able to get straight to what I want, whenever I want to get it. Unlike other affiliate programs that require you to apply for each company, you sign up one time and you are free to promote all of the campaigns you like. Each campaign comes complete with banners and text links for your use. Also, I get daily emails telling me when certain offers are available, cancelled, and promoted with higher payouts.

Logical Media only works with advertisers offering high payouts. No BS here. Check out my screen shot of my earnings to date... (started in July, this chart as of 9/1/09)

They are having a special offer: Get $25 for signing up with Logical Media... Great deal if ya ask me! Get started with this experienced advertising network today!

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