Nielsen's Homescan Consumer Panel- What's In It For You?

1:32 PM Posted by Honey and Lime

What’s your favorite flavor? How do you choose what products you buy? Nielsen Homescan wants to know your consumer opinions. Let manufacturer’s and retailer’s know your tastes and preferences by becoming a member of Nielsen’s Homescan Consumer Panel! But what's in it for you?

Nielsen's Homescan Panel

First of all, panel membership is free. In addition to making your product opinions count, all panelists have the opportunity to win cash and other terrific prizes such as a new vehicle or a luxury vacation! On top of that, you can also earn points that can be used for getting great gifts. Be one of the lucky few. Make your "consumer voice" speak for other households just like yours from all across the country. So why not join? This offer is limited and will probably be taken down once they have enough panelists. If your interested, I suggest you sign up before it's gone!

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