Making a Little Extra Money with Send Earnings

8:39 AM Posted by Honey and Lime

Make Money Send Earnings

Looking to make a little extra money in your spare time? Check out Send Earnings, a site that pays you to read emails, take surveys, shop online, play games, try out new products, and more. Here's how it works:

  • Advertisers pay Send Earnings to reach consumers all over. When you simply participate in one of the above named activities, they share the ad revenue with you.
  • This service is 100% free to join, and you can even get $5 to start off with.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after signing up. This is to verify that you are the owner of the email address you provided and to ensure that you will receive the paid emails in the future.
  • US members get about 2-3 paid emails per day
  • There are some opportunities to earn extra money. If you receive an offer to sign up for something and decline, you still get paid for that email.

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