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Not sure if you remember my previous post (on about, but is seems like the offer has gotten much sweeter! There are diaper deals to be had here people, so you'd better take advantage now if you have not in the past... Cheap diapers! Peep the scenario:

FYI: This works for new customers only...
  • Add at least $50 worth of diapers, any brand, to your cart at You automatically get free shipping on orders over $49. Note: If you are just under $49, add the Pampers Sensitive travel wipes pack, only $1.99.

  • Use code AFF10 at checkout to get an additional $10 off.

  • Fill out this rebate form HERE to get a free one-year subscription to Parenting Magazine or $14.97 rebate, totally up to you [I choose the cash!].

Here are a few ways to work it (based upon a size 3 diaper):


- The Extra Large case currently has an instant eCoupon for $1.50 off: $51.48
- Use AFF10 code at checkout, $-10.00: $41.48
- Submit Rebate form, $-14.97: $26.51
- You end up paying $26.51 for 191 diapers, or 14¢ per diaper [usually 28¢]!

LUVS EXTRA LARGE CASE ($35.99) & TWO LUVS JUMBO PACKS (2 x $7.99)- Total: $51.97

- Use AFF10 code at checkout, $-10.00: $41.97
- Submit Rebate Form, $-14.97: $27.0o
- You end up paying $27.00 for 276 diapers, or just 10¢ per diaper [usually 19¢]!

They also have Huggies, Seventh Generation, Earths Best, Nature Babycare, Tushies and the brand. If you have any manufacturers coupons, will accept those, too. You mail them in and get an account credit. This is too good of a deal to pass up, so if your kids are no longer in diapers, please pass this along to another mother who may need them! You can use the SHARE icon below :)

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